Order Fulfillment

Biglog is an order fulfillment process of storing inventory, picking and packing products, and shipping online orders to customers

By common consent, those who trade in the field of E-Commerce struggle in two different fields. The first and perhaps the most important one is marketing and sales, the other is the stocking of the products to be sold, the stock management of these materials and the delivery to the end user. Providing professional solutions, Biglog allows its customers who are e-commerce sellers to focus solely on product marketing, advertising and sales transactions in the field of inventory and cargo. By doing this, it saves them from a big burden

In today’s economy world, the market share of e-commerce is snowballing. According to the Turkey Digital E-Commerce Report 2019, the number of people who shop on the internet increased by 7.6 million people and reached 39.3 million in 2019. It is estimated that 95% of shopping will go online in 2040 due to the fact that people tend to spend more time in a virtual environment, build e-commerce sites with limited capital accumulation and reach more customers in different locations.

E-Commerce is so easy with Biglog



We store the products you will sell on the shelfs in our warehouse.

Integrated System

Biglog integrates with the platforms you trade with our software. Thanks to our special API integrations, our software is synchronized directly with your online shopping cart to automatically receive your orders on all platforms (,,,, or your own websites).


We pack the items you sold with your own packaging. Moreover, you may also get your packaging materials from us. We can use not only standard size but also special size packaging materials for your products.



We send your ready-to-ship packages on time and for orders coming until 15:00 on the same day via contracted cargo companies that we integrate into their systems. We also forward the tracking number of your cargo to both your customers and you.

Return Processing

We take the returns of the products, which are found not to be damaged due to your customer or Cargo Company upon return, and put them to the shelves reserved for you. We add / drop all your outgoing or incoming products to your stocks separately.

Stock Management

In Biglog system, you just take one stock inventory for all e-commerce platforms. You also get personalized alerts such as critical stock, bestsellers, and low selling items. However, for all these services, you only pay per product sold.


Low Cost

With Biglog, you can minimize the costs of your business. Discounts provided by Biglog help your business grow. We do not charge any extra fees etc. These additional savings let you expand your business. While we do all these for you, you just focus on marketing and selling of your products.

Solid Infrastructure

You may have from 1 order to 250 orders per day or you may also have multiple products in each order. Whatever the number of the orders, Biglog has a physical and virtual infrastructure to handle these entire load.

International Trade Opportunity

Via Biglog, you can send your orders taken from your e-commerce site to anywhere in the world.